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Interesting facts about me

The only interesting fact about me is that I could live on tomatoes and black licorice (the real one from Australia) well maybe sun flowers seeds too.

The girls in my  avi are some of my Girl Scout troop.  It rained all that weekend at camp but we just kept on going, totally soaked.  Love these crazy girls.

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    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, he's a really good, loyal, affectionate dog. He's four years old. He can also get into trouble very easily but is so cute that it's hard to stay mad at him long. I'm glad the picture could provide you with some fond memories of your pup - they really do bring such joy to our lives, don't they?
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Groovy quotes

Me to my 3 year old niece, Stefanie. "Stef what's that on your face?" She has a red mark on her cheek.
Stefanie to me, "What do you think, a pig bit me!"